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Part 7

All this time Kai was sitting at the table with a scowl. He saw on himself the cold eyes of the triumphant Toyami and the sparkling eyes of the Sheikh, who was very amused by all this and, as it seemed to Kai, was even pleased with such an event. Also, Kai constantly felt Gor piercing through and through.

"Can we proceed to the completion of our agreements?" Toyami as if addressed everyone, but Kai understood, this was a question for him.

All were silent. There was silence in the hall.

Kai looked up and did not take his eyes off Toyami's eyes.

He waited for a pause, then calmly got up and slowly walked over to Kai's chair.

"Damn! I have to keep my word," thought Kai and slowly leaned back in his chair, just as intently looking into his eyes.

Toyami bent over him, with his left hand, as if by chance, covered Kai's hand, which was lying on the arm of the chair. Kai felt his iron grip. He realized that he would not twitch already. Toyami bent even lower. With his right hand, slightly touching, he ran up his neck to the chin, held his hand there, holding his chin and no longer letting it drop.

"How I love the glint of hatred in your eyes," he said softly in Japanese and covered Kai's lips with his.

Kai gritted his teeth, hoping to confine himself to such a kiss, but when he felt pain in his hand, he wanted to scream in surprise and realized that Toyami's tongue was penetrating deep into his mouth, taking advantage of the fact that he unclenched his teeth.

The kiss was long, real. It was a wish that Toyami fulfilled. Kai felt the man's desire on his lips, it pierced his body with a strange tremor.

Then Toyami abruptly pulled away and returned to his seat with a confident gait.

Kai quietly took a breath, which for some reason he lost, and lowered his eyes so that no one could see their sparkle. The trembling all over his body did not go away.

"This was beautiful!" Arshad spontaneously burst out.

"Izoa, give the floppy disks to the gentlemen," Toyami said completely calmly.

They brought floppy disks, which Izoa personally handed over to Gor and Sheikh Arshad with a bow.

After discussing the general points of cooperation, the negotiations ended.

Arshad, putting his hand on Kai's shoulder, went with him to the exit. They talked about the upcoming campaign of Arshad, after analyzing the data from the floppy disk. The Sheikh did not touch upon what had happened, did not want to cause a negative reaction from Kai again.

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