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Part 7

In the morning, Kai learned that the meeting for the transfer of floppy disks had been agreed and that they would be leaving soon. Yesterday, thanks to what he had drunk, he quickly fell asleep and slept without any dreams or thoughts. Today, the absurdity of what was happening met him with its reality.

"Toyami, I hate you!"

If Kai had the opportunity now, he would have shot Toyami himself - such thoughts were in his head.

Kai looked stern and menacing. Even Gor stepped aside when Kai, without noticing him, walked and got into the car in the underground parking lot.

Gor, as usual, sat in the back right. Kai sat behind the driver, Tonn drove in front. Fakhr went by a different car. Two executive black tinted Mercedes, flanked by four huge black jeeps of security, flew out of the depths of the dungeon and drove at high speed towards Izir.

All the way, Kai was looking out of the window with detachment.

In Izir, a separate hall for negotiations, closed from outsiders, was rented at the Enpol Hotel. There, at the round table, everyone had already gathered - they were just waiting for their arrival.

Kai, surrounded by Araxes, dressed in black cloaks with hoods lowered to half of their face, entered the hall. They greeted each other and took their places at the table. With Gor, besides Fakhr and Tonn, there were three other assistants taken with them.

The table was large, so everyone was free to sit around it. They all were sitting in large, soft, comfortable chairs that stood at a distance from each other around the table. Everything was done for a comfortable stay here. Light curtains were closed, letting in the soft light from the street, crystal chandeliers burned on the ceiling, the floor was covered with a soft light carpet.

Sheikh Arshad, awaiting their arrival, chatted merrily with Toyami. With the Sheikh there was Gifar, Maqsud, and several others from his retinue. With Toyami - Izoa, Kunayo, and three other people whom Kai had not seen before. One of them sat next to Toyami and looked at him very intently. Kai met his eyes. The man's eyes were open and, as it seemed to Kai, expressed a friendly attitude towards him. It was a man, clearly older than Toyami. He was tall, with very regular, masculine features, more European than Japanese. On his broad shoulders, there was an expensive dark suit, which fit perfectly and suited him so well.

As everyone gathered, the representative of Toyami announced the start of negotiations.

Before transferring the floppies, it was necessary to agree on the non-intersection of interests in the data that was in the floppies. These were verbal agreements based on the word of the interlocutor and witnesses who heard the promises being made. In wartime, such promises were more effective than written on paper and signed by an agreement. When all the points were discussed, the final part of the agreement on the transfer of floppy disks remained.

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