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Part 6

Although they were all dressed the same and did not differ in any way from each other, Kai always intuitively knew which of them was Gor, he also knew Fakhr and Tonn. He also distinguished the others. How? He did not understand. Maybe so many years of communication gave the ability to distinguish them?

The night passed unnoticed, at work. He was not disturbed. Here work was going on around the clock, someone came in, went out - here it was always like this. Kai abstracted himself from everything. Several times a night he went to smoke and pour himself some coffee. By morning, he rechecked everything and found errors in the formulas.

In the morning Gor, Tonn, and Fakhr arrived. Yesterday, after Kai sat down to work, they left for another laboratory.

Kai slept at the table with his head in his hands. The whole table was littered with papers, an unfinished cup of coffee, cigarettes, and a lighter lay next to him.

Tonn walked over and put his hand on Kai's shoulder.

Kai woke up at the touch.

"I seem to have fallen asleep," Kai said in a slightly apologetic voice, looking at the three black-hooded silhouettes standing next to his desk. Even after so many years, they still frightened him with their appearance. Now, right after sleeping, he had no time to hide his emotions. Fear flashed across Kai's face.

They saw fear in Kai's eyes.

"Go to sleep. People need to sleep. Otherwise, you will not work well," Tonn said in a monotone.

"Well, cast-iron logic: I will work badly! They have frightened me by their appearance, in addition," thought Kai. And he added aloud: "I've checked everything and found errors. Then I'll sleep, but now we'll better go to the laboratory - we need to start the reaction again. Here is the file, where all the error data and new formulas. But I would like to be there myself to conduct an experiment."

"Have you checked everything?" Fakhr's voice sounded monotonous. He took Kai's seat at the desk and skimmed through the data, opening the file. "Okay, I'll tell now to prepare reagents."

"I'll go to wash and smoke," Kai said, grabbing cigarettes and a lighter. He decided that it was better to go out now than to feel them next to him.

The day was spent in the laboratory - this was his world: cones, test tubes, reagents, something hissed, poured, monitors and sensors were working. For Kai, it was the life of a real scientist, as he imagined it in dreams of his future, which was not destined to come true.


For the next week, he was completely immersed in work. Time flew by unnoticed. There was no war here, although he regularly reviewed frontline reports and force movement data. There was relative calm on the fronts, and he could afford to delve into science, even if only for a while to become a scientist.

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