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Part 6

After a few hours of dusty and shaky road, Kai drove to Gor in his jeep. Before the trip, he drove into his apartment, changed into his black military jacket, trousers of the same color were tucked into comfortable high black lace-up shoes. He liked the black color, and it suited him, emphasizing the chic and elegance of the image. His clothes, including shoes, were expensive and made to order. Despite the war, he did not consider it necessary to deny himself good things.

At the entrance to the laboratory, they recognized him and immediately let him in. After driving downstairs to the underground parking, Kai went to the elevator.

"Most likely, Gor is in the common hall," he suggested and headed down the corridor there.

He was not wrong. Gor was in the main hall with everyone else. They were standing and discussing something at a table with a monitor and a bunch of paper sheets on which numbers and formulas were printed.

No matter how many times he came back here, the feeling of fear remained inside. This fear, fear of those who were here.

They were kind of not quite people, although outwardly they look like people. They were always hidden by long black cloaks with hoods shading their faces or whatever they had instead of faces. He had never seen what they looked like. Only eyes, he saw their eyes from under the hood. They were yellow, like beasts, and glowed in the dark, reflecting light. Cold, merciless eyes, in which there were no feelings, emotions, soul.

They considered themselves to be supermen. Having removed all feelings from their lives, they became perfect. Exceeding all the limits of reasonable intelligence, ideal memory, deep knowledge in any fields of science, and the entire luggage of human knowledge for all centuries. Well, they were a superior race, a super-race of humans.

Their acquaintance began strangely but gradually grew into a long-term cooperation. Although they did not promise anything to Kai and did not guarantee his freedom and life. Despite this, he came to them. Maybe this was stupid. Unjustified risk? Probably.

But the risk was in his life all the time, so he got used to living this way.

They found common points of contact, the intersection of interests - this was the guarantee of his life, which they had not yet touched.

War creates common interests and common problems. It was beneficial for them to cooperate with Kai. He helped them a lot, knowing the situation at the front, although they were not interested in the war. They were completely indifferent to who won or lost. They were neutral. They built their world here so that later they could swallow this world. Kai knew it too, but what could he do? How to prevent this? It was better to be with them than to be in the dark about what was happening.

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