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Part 5

Closer to noon, somebody knocked on Kai's room, he was still sleeping. One of the Sheikh's servants came in and, bowing his head, said that the Sheikh wanted to see him. He had to get up, although Kai loved to sleep so much. It was a rare opportunity to sleep in a soft, comfortable bed, and not curled up under a soldier's blanket in a barracks or dugout.

After taking a shower, after which he felt much better, Kai went to get dressed. He looked thoughtfully at the clothes hanging in the wardrobe. By order of the Sheikh, Kai was always provided with everything he needed in his room. And now there were several costumes to choose from some famous fashion designers.

"Arshad is always very attentive to me," was a pleasant thought.

Kai chose a dark fitted suit in a fashionable youth style and a dark shirt without a tie, leaving a few buttons unbuttoned at the top.

Because of yesterday's drinking and smoking, his head ached a little, so he took dark sunglasses. The sunlight was annoying now, causing painful throbbing in the temples.

But this quiet throbbing pain was incomparable with the dull pain that tore him from the inside. Yesterday he just went to bed and fell asleep. It was like a gift for him, just fell asleep and did not allow himself to think about what was happening.

And now - now his inner voice spoke to him. And what he heard was much more painful than the physical pain in his head.

He remembered Toyami's words, and it was unpleasant to know how the man was taking him.

"But why? Where did I go wrong? Why did he decide that he could treat me like that? Why?!"

Kai sighed, trying to calm the unpleasant feeling of such thoughts.

"How unexpected it all is: I met a person on my way who could become my friend. We fought shoulder to shoulder. Although it is strange, I immediately believed him, not a second doubting him. But, instead of friendship, he, it turns out, wants something different from me! "

Walking down the corridor, Kai looked with contempt at his reflection in the huge mirror on the wall. From there a slender, short youth with green eyes and noble features looked at him.

"Loneliness is your lot! Deal with it. You will always be alone! Either they envy you and hate you, or want you like a f * cker. He won't be your friend - he wants you. He only needs you to satisfy his lust!" - an inner voice mocked at him, penetrating into consciousness and pronouncing the words, which were used to people like him.

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