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Part 4

Sebastian's mobsters, having dropped Kai at the headquarters, as ordered by Sebastian, came to report to him.

"Kai was taken to the headquarters. He had another night of entertainment today: the Japanese camp is attacked by jihadis. They needed to save the Japanese and squeeze the jihadis to the mountains. Here's everything we know."

"He's forgotten his phone, take it," Sebastian said after listening to them.

"No, he said that the last phone hit with a bullet. He doesn't want to take this one with him."

Sebastian frowned. He thanked the guys.

"Now I can only hope that everything will be all right with him," he thought of Kai.

He was always worried about him, although he never showed it. Feelings must be hidden here. The brutal life of thugs boys dictated its own rules. Anyone who started whining fell under the stigma of a "nancy" and was buggered. These are the laws of the zone. He installed them himself.

Turning away, Sebastian kissed the cross on his chest, mentally asking protection for Kai.


By the evening of the next day, armored personnel carriers and vehicles with infantry returned to the garrison.

Kai remembered his phone, so after a report at headquarters and a detailed debriefing of the morning battle, he decided to stop by Sebastian's to pick up the phone.

But debriefing took a long time.

Kai was silently present at this, realizing that this was his fate. He could not leave here. They had to wait for the colonel's permission.

Finally, everyone was released.

"Where are you going now?" Bartholomew caught up with Kai on the stairs.

"I've forgotten the phone at Sebastian's, I'll go pick it up."

"I'll take you."

Kai realized it was useless to argue. Bartholomew would not back down: he was worried about him and did not want to let go of one.

Having approached the gangsters' barracks, Kai went inside, and Bartholomew remained to wait for him in the car: his presence there would not have made anyone happy.

"Hello again," Kai said as he entered the living room. His face and clothes were stained with soot and blood.

"I've come for my cell phone."

"How did everything go?" noticing Kai's appearance, asked Sebastian.

"As always. It was a massacre. They settled in the kishlak. We were wiping them out for several hours. The streets are narrow, besides there are civilians everywhere. It was hard to shoot. I had to fight with swords. It was good that it was already dawn: at least something was visible. In short, the kishlak was cleared off, and whoever did not have time, he was late ..."

"Do you have a task again, or do you have time to rest?" Sebastian asked.

"This is all, I have time for the rest, for crying out loud! ..."

"Stay with us, you need to sleep. You are already the second day without sleep," Sebastian came up and, hugging Kai by the shoulders, began to move him to the table. "Let's have a drink!"

Kai had a glass of cognac in his hand.

"Drink!" Sebastian clinked glasses with him but didn't drink himself. He looked closely at Kai.

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