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Part 3

They arrived at the combat point on time. A fight ensued. Under a flurry of fire, the bandits began to retreat from the kishlak (a village in Central Asia) into the mountains, getting there under fire from their armored personnel carriers.

The plan was worked out tactically correctly: the bandits were driven out of their positions, some of them went into the mountains; at the same time, almost no one of their own was injured, only a few received minor injuries.

After completing the task, they returned to the garrison. And immediately they were summoned to the colonel for a report.

Kai was sitting at the table and spinning his helmet in his hand. The strange Japanese Toyami did not lose his mind. He did not expect to meet this here. He had such a piercing look.

"Why was he looking at me so strangely?"

"Kai, let's go," Bartholomew had already got up from the table, returning him to reality. "That's all, you can go, and the meeting is over! What are you thinking about?"

He didn't answer, just waved his hand. They went out in silence and got into the car.

"Tired, or what?" Bartholomew has already begun to worry about Kai's strange behavior.

"Give me a ride to the gangsters, I've promised Sebastian to come."

Bartholomew wanted to object that maybe it was not necessary immediately after the assignment, maybe first it was necessary to come to his senses, but after looking at Kai, he decided to let him go. He was also worried about Frol's behavior, these constant assaults on Kai. He saw: Kai was sincere in his words about friendship with Frol, but this infuriated him even more. The morning skirmish did not get out of his head. He understood that it was better for him not to be in their tent now.

Bartholomew took him to the gangsters' barracks, dropped him off at the checkpoint, where Sebastian's guards were stationed.

Kai arrived just in time for dinner. Appearing in the living room in full uniform, with a scarf around his neck, he looked like an action hero.

Not noticing the admiring glances, he greeted everyone and sat down at the table in the space vacated for him.

"What? Did you go to shoot?" Sher asked, examining his combat appearance.

"Yes, I did. The jihadis were driven from the village. On the way, the Japs were freed - the bandits fired at their cars, and here we are in three armored personnel carriers. The bandits' cars were swept into the cliff by armored personnel carriers, the rest were shot. Well, and then we drove the jihadis from the village to the mountains. In general, it was fun," Kai said sadly, untangling the scarf around his neck and undoing the top buttons of the camouflage.

"Eat," one of the guys put a plate of food in front of Kai.

Kai, as usual, automatically took a fork and began to poke around on his plate.

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