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Part 2

The garrison was quiet. Relative calm on the fronts brought regularity to the life of the military.

Kai spent the second day in Bartholomew's tent.

He was reclining on a soldier's bunk with a pillow under his back. He was wearing a protective military uniform, casually buttoned up with several bottom buttons. In the open neckline, one could see an undershirt and cross glittering on a chain. Camouflage trousers were tucked into rough army boots. Kai put one foot on the bed to make it easier to play the guitar.

They drank, taking advantage of the moment of calm the second day. It was rare. They were lucky.

Kai ran his fingers over the strings once again. The guys at the table looked in his direction.

"Come on, give us ours," - said Pepper. "What are you pulling?"

In the tent, in addition to Kai's acquaintances, there were many officers - those who were admitted here from other units.

The news that Kai was also with Bartholomew made everyone happy: he always told the news about which they had not even heard, and it was interesting to talk with Kai, so everyone almost came to Bartholomew with gifts, so that only he would let in and allow staying.

It was the second day of such gatherings. Some people came, others left.

Now, towards the morning, there were fewer people in the tent. Someone was lying on the beds, someone was sitting at the table, on which there was still seas of ​​snacks and drinks. Empty bottles rolled underfoot, which the most conscientious ones picked up and took to the trash.

In general, the picture did not correspond to army discipline. All were not dressed according to the regulations: tunics unbuttoned, many were simply in T-shirts. They smoked here. The canopy of the tent was folded back to let in the morning freshness and to get rid of some smoke.

Kai took a drag and put out his cigarette. Once again he ran his hand over the strings. The lad remembered that he had not played the guitar for a long time. He half-closed his eyes and slightly bowed his head to the strings, because of which a rebel lock fell on his handsome face; in a low, incredibly beautiful voice, he sang:

"The order came - and on an alarm, we get up.

Taking the machine gun, we sit down silently on the plane.

In the dawn hour, when the earth is still sleeping,

We were brought to Afghanistan by the will of the order.

Afghanistan is a beautiful wild mountainous land,

The order is simple: go ahead and die.

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