My Best Friend / My Evil Stepmother (Part 3, page 2 of 5)

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Part 3

He contacted their old insurance company and was told that she had sold out their plans. He realized that maybe she really had to sell things to get enough money. He decided with his money he would get another insurance policy on Maxine without any one knowing. To pay for it plus his spending money he something would have to happen to one or two of those cars. He needed to think about it.

Kelsey register at a school that was fairly close to the house. Maxine not only got a good job but it was one she was fitted for and paid good money. She became a skating instructor for the North American Olympic team. She also was hired to paint portraits of the whole team for their newly opened renovated skating facility. In her spare time she painted portraits of the board at the med school for their newly built office building which was built next to the med center for children.

She also had other side jobs of painting. One of Central Park of a lady who was walking her dog. She also painted a picture of the towers of one of the baseball stadiums. She went to the race track and painted the triple crown horse Love to play with the jockey on it and the trainer one side of him and the owner on the other. She got paid a lot of money for that art work.

Probably the biggest businessman in New York had her paint a portrait of him for his luxury office suite. He paid a half of a million dollars for it. She soon had gotten her money back .If Kelsey wanted something or to do something she wasn't told no so much from her mother. It was a different story from her father Her father refused every little suggestion she made.

Kelsey would have felt if she had been a burden or just was in the way but Maxine told her that wasn't the case. Kelsey didn't like it in New York and being close to the med school didn't bring any harmony to the family. One evening when her mother was working her father jumped all over her about going to Hawaii then reporting to the college professors about his parties. He even told her not to lie about it.

He had found out that she was there. the student whom she talked to told him about her and identified her by a phot of her on his cell phone. The argument got so bad that Kelsey yelled back at her father about his cheating on her mom and told him she didn't tell her mother but yes she knew some way and she really wish they would get a divorce and no she would never live with him. She stormed out of the living room out door and around the back to the out door stairway to the second floor to her balcony and entered her room that way.

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