My Best Friend / My Evil Stepmother (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

Maxine stared looking at houses for sale close to the med school an located the one Andrew was talking about. She wasn't sure if they needed a big one like he wanted. The one he liked was near the school but that listing was in a gated area and the housing authority there specifically said no pets of any kind was allowed. it didn't seem right . You personally buy the house then they can tell what to have and what you can not have.

Andrew told Maxine the deed to the house had to have his name on it so if he failed the courses the med school would have the house to rebound from their loss of giving him a scholarship. She wasn't sure if that was the truth so she asked Andrew what happens if the student doesn't own a house. He told her he never thought to ask that question. Later he told her he had called the medical school and they would have to put in for a student loan and show where they had taken out a bond. Maxine went ahead and put his name on the deed.

A few days after they moved into the house he asked her what she had done with the house in the Midwest. She told him that she had to sale it and combined the money from that sale with other things like the sale of the rest of her paintings, her grandfather's clocks and the big dining room furniture that her grandfather had built, then her good china , her very valuable dinner bell collection, her very valuable glass plate and bowl sets. She told him that they very scraped in finances at the time.

She also told him that she was either going to put in resumes or paint other paintings to sell and pall all of the bills. The only things they still owned was the four cars. She thought about putting a couple of the car collection up for sale. He told her things would work out and to keep the cars for the time being. He was going to ask another question when the door bell rang.

Maxine went to answer the door In reality he was going to ask her about insurance policies on her and Kelsey. it was one of the counsellors from the med school. he inspected the house then he questioned Maxine about if any of them had life insurance polices. Maxine said no that she had never thought about it. then asked him the deed is in Andrew's name like your institution required and the house was appraised for a half a million.

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