My Best Friend / My Evil Stepmother (Part 4, page 2 of 5)

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Part 4

She took out some of the money and gave the checkbook back to Audrey and packed the little bit of things back into her car for the long drive out west. She visited her old room one more time just to say goodbye. She knew she was going to miss her home and decided then to do whatever she could to keep it. She thought to herself momma really did know best when she put things up and for the time being it was safer with her father not knowing. Little did she know that her father had his old time friend following her while she was in town. She talked to her momma under her breath and told her how much she loved her.

Lucky for her his friend had gotten drunk and past out. All he saw was her at the house the night before. She got her car packed and took a cooler for her colas and sandwiches for her journey. She had Audrey do some research and there was a couple of truck stops that had shower rooms when she didn't spend the night in a motel and didn't want to spend money just to take a shower.

Kelsey was half way to the biggest city just south and west of her hometown when she spotted the same truck that had gotten on the highway behind her. She continued to monitor the truck. She was sure that he was following her so she decided to pull into a motel. He pulled in right behind her. She paid for three days stay and told the desk clerk that she wanted to see a showing of a musical then was going to head west to college.

Kelsey watched him as he went inside then came back out. He left right before five. Kelsey went into the truck stop next to the motel. She used their pay phone and called Audrey. She told her that she was going to send the keys by over night delivery by the post office. She asked her to keep an eye on the house and storage unit. She wasn't sure if he had followed her when she visited the storage unit.

Audrey told her she would change storage unit site and make sure the checkbook was put in a safe deposit box at the bank. Before they got off the phone Audrey told her to be very careful In no time a truck pulled up at the storage unit and everything was transferred to another storage facility. Audrey had seen first hand on how hateful he could be. Every time they had a fight he accused her saying Kelsey really wasn't his child. Kelsey told herself I'm going to get DNA test to show that jerk I am his daughter. Then I'm going to tell him where he can go.

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