My Best Friend / My Evil Stepmother (Part 4, page 1 of 5)

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Part 4

Kelsey had put her application in at three or four colleges back in the Midwest but none of them offered her even a partial scholarship or any kind of discount. Her father said it was that she was the dumbest eighteen year old he knew. He said many things also. He suggested that she wasn't even his child. He wouldn't have any child that was dumb as rocks so he knew where her mother's illness came from.

He told her that for their professor's children of the college he taught at 50% off but she would have to work after classes for her keep. He threw a brochure at her. She noticed the new female students their advocate was her old best friend Isabel Cummings. She called the college and was able to talk to Isabel. Isabel was happy to talk to Kelsey and got her courses set up and got her the 50% off for her She couldn't live at a sorority house but could live in the cheapest dorm they have on campus.

Kelsey didn't want to live with her father or at a sorority house. She had two weeks before she had to show up for college she decided to stop in the Midwest. She flew to the Midwest while a truck was delivering her car there. She was happy to go back home. It was late when she arrived in the Midwest. She took an taxi to the gas station a couple of blocks from the house. They were still up and running. She bought her three bottles of soda and snack food then walked to the house.

Her favorite out building had a door that was easily accessible by a hairpin. She fiddled with the door and on her sixth time the door came opened.. She turned on the lights and sat down the groceries on the table. Her old club house needed a through cleaning. She found the cleaning supplies under the bottom shelf in the closet.

In no time the out building was in ship shape condition. She found two throws and a pillow in a vacuum sealed bag. She slept on a circled out door lounge chair that her mother had got her so Isabel and her could have a sleep over and would lay there watching tv. You could raise what ever end you wanted. Kelsey hooked up her old television and put the tv antenna in the window. She watched the news and a couple of her favorite shows.

The next day her car arrived. She paid the delivery service and unloaded a few of her items. She drove to town and visited the reality company. Maxine's best friend Audrey gave her checkbook, the key to the house and storage unit. Kelsey first stopped at the storage unit. She took inventory of what was in the storage unit. She decided to leave the things just where they were.

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