My Best Friend / My Evil Stepmother (Part 5, page 1 of 6)

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Part 5

Kelsey settled down to read the study then do the homework that needed to be done to see what professors she should sign for courses under. She was determined one of them would definitely not be her father. She did the study,, then she read the bios of the professors and then did the essay She called the college's office and was able to turn her finished assignment in that day.

When she arrived at college she saw a car parked in Isabel Cummings parking spot so she grabbed a piece of paper and left a message for her under the car's window wiper for her to call her. She went in to turn her home work into the office and she passed a woman who looked like an older Isabel but couldn't stop her because she had just moments to get this assignment turned in.

After Kelsey walked out of the student resource office her phone rang. It was her old time friend. Isabel informed her that their old favorite fast food joint had a little eating establishment in the basement if she had time to eat a little lunch .Kelsey was acetic. She was going to get to see her friend from years ago. She rushed to the elevator to the little hole in the wall fast food establishment. The food was great but her talk with Isabel left a sour taste in her mouth.

At first things were great catching up on old times. Then Isabel started asking questions. It started with Isabel asking Kelsey about her over night visit to her old home. Kelsey started to answer her that the house was still in the family but something her mother had said stopped in mid sentence.

She told Isabel oh for a minute I thought you were talking about the house in New York then proceed to tell her that she had looked up her mother's best friend as she requested at her mother's funeral. The agency had bought the house from her mother. Then the market went down and they thought they would keep it until the selling market went back up so they hadn't sold it yet and she was given the key if she wanted to spend the night there. The next question was you also visited a storage unit while in town what do you have in storage?

Kelsey knew she had to think of something fast but really she got the jolt that Isabel was fishing for information on what the rest of the estate and knew her father had put Isabel up to finding out for him. She looked down and was trying to think of an answer then the thought came into her head excuse yourself. Kelsey replied Oh Isabel I got this little promise of meeting a very nice guy and told him I would pick him up when he got off of work.

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