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Part 1

While growing up Kelsey Lynn Mason lived in the Midwest of the United States. She had one neighbor a girl named Isabel who was about five years older than her. Isabel lived in a modest one floor three bedroom gray house with her parents while Kelsey lived in a three story light blue house that had a good size sky line window. She wasn't allowed to play in the room where the skyline window was, It was her mother Maxine's art studio. While Maxine painted Kelsey was allowed to play with Isabel but wasn't allowed to leave their property.

Isabel enjoyed coming over as much as Kelsey enjoy having her come over and play in their barn and other outer buildings on their property. A lot of times the girls would dress up like cowgirls. A lot of nights Isabel stayed over due to her parents would work overtime to make ends meet. Some times they play in Kelsey's big play house that was the size of twenty by twenty bedroom. It had a child's table that had a pretty tea set. then a futon plus a lot of toys and dress up clothes. Maxine painted a picture of the girls dressed in cowgirl outfits in the fourth of July colors with Isabel carrying an American flag. She had it framed and hung it in the play house.

In one part of the barn there was a carnival ride that had horses that the girls could ride but only when Maxine was supervising them. If they broke that rule that part of the barn was locked up. The first time it was locked up for awhile. That taught the girls to obey Maxine's orders especially since Kelsey fell off and broke her arm. Maxine told the girls she was glad it was Kelsey instead of Isabel because Isabel's parents could not afford for her to get hurt.

One of the outer building was built like a school. Maxine had a black board with a desk that looked a teacher's desk and the other one was a student's desk. Since Isabel was older she made sure she was always the teacher leaving Kelsey being the student but that way Kelsey was also being taught writing her name, address, and telephone number. She also learned how to spell and some first grade math. Maxine again painted the girls outside of a school building with other children. She had it framed and hung it up by an old school building clock. When Kelsey started regular school she was ahead of her classmates.

Maxine also turned their basement into a dance studio and hired a junior dance instructor to teach the girls. Isabel's parents thought it was just another game the girls were playing. Maxine owned the dance school and Jenny taught the girls with other girls and young women around the community. Maxine painted several pictures of the class. Some of the young ladies bought Maxine agent claimed to be copies of the paintings. he took Maxine's paintings to a near by town to an art gallery and had copies made off of the paintings. they were numbered on the back and everyone was signed by Maxine. On Saturday mornings in good weather the dance studio was opened.

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