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Part 1

Adahy meaning lives in the woods was a young Native American Indian brave living on his tribes reservation was down at the stream fishing when he saw a beautiful Indian maiden named Winona. meaning first daughter. She was down at the stream getting buckets of water for her parents the chief and his wife. He carried the two buckets of water back to their camp . He gave her parents the string of fish he had caught.

He was allowed to start courting her. After a year of courting the chief gave him her hand in marriage. The next year they welcomed a daughter. They couldn't call her Winona so they picked the name Angeni meaning Spirit Angel. Two years later they had a son which was named OHanzee meaning Shadow. OHanzee loved to follow Adahy wherever he went. One day a farm truck was offering the young men of the reservation to work on his farm and no one saw OHanzee following his father. When the truck pulled away from the side of the road they felt a thump. When they checked out what caused the thump Adahy saw his precious boy OHanzee laying in the road.

The farmer called for help and OHanzee was rushed to the hospital. After several months he did recover but was paralyzed from the waist down. While taking care of him in the children's ward of the free hospital Winona found out she was pregnant for the third time. The next spring she gave birth to a daughter they named Amitola meaning rainbow. A very appropriate name since it had poured down rain the evening she went into labor. Three years later they had another son named Tala meaning stalking wolf.

The next year Winona had another boy named Atshadi meaning fish. The day Winona had him his father was fishing to supply his tribe fish for their fish fry. The birth was an easy one due to the fact the more children you have the birth is usually easier than the previous ones Then two years later they had another son named Alona meaning oak tree. Then when Angeni was twelve her mother gave birth to a set of twin girls. The oldest of the girls was named Waya meaning dove then not three minutes later Kaya meaning little sister was born. Winona had a problem with the breach birth and the doctor performed a hysterectomy on her.

It was a bad summer for crops on their homeland so the Bears moved to the city so Mr. Bear could get a better job. He had applied at twenty or so companies where he received sorry we aren't hiring at this minute. They kept his application but he knew it was put on the bottom of the pile. It was a law that companies couldn't place them in the trash bin for two years unless the person who made out the application gave them their permission.

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