Murder At The Sleep Study (Part 5, page 1 of 7)

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Part 5

Angeni truly enjoyed her job at the motor inn. The pay was pretty deceent. She thought about returning the money and staying home but ten thousand dollars could pay for the younger children's college along with the Indian grants. She didn't want them to have to struggle working every day not sure where their next meal was coming from.

​She sure didn't want them to burn up their lungs up like their daddy did or fill them with black soot from the coal mines like other members of their tribe.She knew even if she wanted to back out of the deal the children needed her to do the sleep study. She shook her head and mumbled to herself it will be for one night only. What could happen in one night.

​If she had her way none of the other children would drink or smoke except at rituals where the pipe is passed around to all members attending the ritual. Certain rituals every member thirteen and older had to attend unless they were working. Other ones they could choose if they wanted to attend.

​As she was leaving for the day she saw the newspaper stand outside had been filled with the day's paper. On the front page there was an article on the sleep study. She bought one for her to read when she got home. Grandma had called her and said that grandpa was sick and needed her so she wouldn't be fixing their dinner for them.

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