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Part 3

Mrs. White sat her own grandaughter up with Allen to take him away from Angeni. Allen laughed because they were just friends and nothing else. While Mrs. White's granddaughter was there to visit she met Angeni and they became friends..

Mrs. White wanted the older Mr. Hastings to evict Angeni and the children and rent the apartment to her granddaughter. She told Mr. Hastings that the boys was digging through the trash dumpsters . In reality Magi was looking for a watch that Mr. Hastings had accidently threw away

​The next thing Mrs. White complained about was the boys was running in the hall knocking on people's doors. Mr. Hastings talked to the othe tenants and no one had that happen to them. Allen said that she was an old busybodied that didn't have anything else to do. Angeni told him that kind of person just needed to be prayed for.

​She wrote her mother a letter begging her to come back. She spent quite a bit of money for postage. The letter came back unopened with a note on the back don't ever contact me again. the post office didn't realize that Leoti had written that message. Angeni recognized her mother's writing

​After her siblings had went to sleep Angeni went upstairs where she kept her father's urn so it wouldn't get broke. She held it and cried. She started talking to him. Daddy I know you taught me not to talk bad about people or hate anybody but I do hate momma. Why did she just up and leave us? Especially here in the city.

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