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Part 3

On the East side of the hugh hall was a beautiful wood staircase to the second Floor and farther down was an elevator the went to the second and third floor. . On the second floor on the west side of the building were the saunas and couple of massage rooms was located.

The Jungle Room sauna which was decorated as a jungle with painted trees on the walls. A tree house on the wall above the control which regulated the water temperature. A couple could relax in whatever temperture water they like and just converse with each other or sit back and listen to the soothing music of either rain, wind, or a waterfall.

The Native Indian sauna room was decorated with a painted teepee above the water control panel which regulated the water temperature.On the walls painted was Indians and horses, a wolf and a buffalo and a prairie of wild flowers and flame grasses of white, pink ,and red. The music in that room was either flute , drum or music that had both in it. Misty ordered a couple of other indian CD's that the clients could choose from. She didn't tell anyone she just put it in the CD player that held six CD's.

‚Äč Misty loved listening to Indian music. It calmed her down and allowed her to concentrate and she did better on her homework. One of her teachers had thought that someone else was helping her then she told her teacher what she was doing and her teacher had her stay one afternoon and turned on a CD player and Misty put in one of her CD's and aced the test. It blew the teacher's mind so every test she gave she played the indian music and her class improved greatly.The students didn't object to the teacher doing that. Shortly after that a lot of teachers did the same..

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