Murder At The Country Club (Part 4, page 3 of 4)

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Part 4

Storms had tore up the eastern communities soccer fields. It looked like it was coming down to the wire between the community college in town and a community college from Tennesee or Indiana.

​ The Tennessee team checked in around nine in the morning and Misty explained to the head coach that check in time was ten and if they took possesion of the room that early they would have to charge them the four hundred dollars additional but if they would go and eat breakfast in their diningroom first she could go ahead and have the busboys take their luggage up to the third floor and leave them in the alcove by the elevators and then they could pick up their luggage on their way to their rooms. The coach thought check in was at nine.

Misty explained that check in time is ten and checkout ime was nine giving housekeeping an hour to clean the rooms . The coach realized that he had the times mixed up.

​ While the team was having breakfast Misty's inspected the rooms and they all were ready.They finished breakfast and was escorted to their rooms and the coach was happy to save some money. The head coach's room had the full size bed. His two assistant coaches shared a room with two twin sized beds and so did the eleven regular and one alternate men players shared the rest of the rooms

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