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Part 4

The Third Floor was totally Clients or Guest rooms which wasn't cheap. The cheapest room was fifthy dollars a night. A lot of the town's elite would come to play games and dine and wine then go upstairs to play a different kind of game.They would use the suites on the fourth floor.

The cheapest room was a one room that had either two twin size beds or a full size bed and a very modest bathroom. No room service it mainly was a room to sleep off a drunken party or if a person had too much to drink and their spouse didn't want them home in that shape.

‚Äč The step up from that was a one room with a queen size bed and another very modest bathroom. No room service except for clean linens if you were staying for more then two cost seventyfive dollars a night.. These rooms would fill up quickly by the young in love on their honeymoon..or young couples on vacation At the end of the hall was a big tv room with a couple of loveseats a 50 inch tv, and a couple of long tables with folding chairs..

Then you can go to the fourth or known as the top floor that had suite such as the Excutive Suite and Honeymoon suite with all of the trimings. room service, full acess to all of the outdoor courts, swimming pool and every sauna room, plus as many massages including the mud bath to getting your body hair removed and treatment for the bags under your eyes and crows feetand a special elevator that went from the forst floor straight to the top floor..

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