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Part 1

Morgan was eactly four years older than his sister Misty. Their foster parents had adopted Morgan when he was four years old and had sat up a college fund for him They were happy to have a son but when Misty came to live with thema couple of years later something changed. They never really warmed up to her like they did Morgan. She didn't think she had done anything to them that she could recall. It didn't bother her that much she was happy to be with her big brother again

​ She would follow him around like a puppy dog. She really wasn't a bad kid mybe just a little pesty thing. She really tried to be good and smart as Morgan. She just didn't seem to got the math down but she enjoyed reading especially detective stories. She enjoyed it more the older she got. Morgan was into sports and was really good at football untill his knee injury that ended his football career when he wa a senior in high school. Before he was injured he walked like everyone else. But now he walks with a limp. It doesn't make a difference with Misty he was still her good looking brother.

​When Misty graduated she recieved a four year scholarship form the state college but with no vehicle she need a job for the summer.She went to the country club and landed the job of event coorinator.. She worked hard on her school work to get what she recieved and yes it made her proud of herself The city bus stops right in front of the country club so if Morgan couldn't give her a ride she still could get to and from the country club. When she landed her job she told her foster mother about it. She asked her if Morgan helped her get the job and was told by her foster mother that she needed to talk to Morgan about that.

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