Murder At Country Hills Reservoir (Part 2, page 1 of 5)

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Part 2

Mrs. Houston told Katrina the week would be good for Rusty. Allie had gotten him as a service dog from her uncle who had trained him to be a police dog but he failed his physical due to the fact he had a limp just like Allie.

The group of young adults was meeting at Joe's older brother's house. They couldn't go with out them. They had loaded the skies securely in the back of the speed boat. A lot of the camping and fishing items in the back of one truck. They had loaded two paddle boats in the back of the other truck leaving just one left Allie suggested that one would fit in the van on top of the bed for the ride if they needed the seats for people riding.

Colt and Crystal rode together being boyfriend and girlfriend that was to expected. Heather jumped into Andrew's truck and then showed them his college football ring. They all smiled so now they're boyfriend and girlfriend also.

A girl who they were introduced to as Amy by Joe. also wearing his college basketball ring. Katrina and Allie just looked at each other. Kat said we just lost a passenger. Allie laughed and said you know what that means. Kat laughed and replied yeah more food for us.

Allie spoke up and said the paddleboat can go in the van wherever you want to put it sis. After loading the last paddleboat into the van Rusty waited until Allie got in then he jumped into the seat behind Allie

Katrina closed the door then walked around and positioned herself behind the wheel and seatbelted Allie and herself in using the auto seatbelt button. plugged in her GPS guidance device and signal she was ready to pull out.

She saw Joe's truck's emergency blinker than his door open. He ran into the garage. He came out carrying a tent in a box. He put it into the back of his truck and jumped in the front and in a second his emergency blinker was off and he honked his horn followed by Andrew honking his horn then Colt honking his signaling Katrina they were ready. She pulled out heading toward the highway followed by Colt, Andrew, and Joe's trucks.

She sat her automatic speed control as soon as got onto the highway and settled in for a two and a half hour drive to Country Hills Reservoir Allie and her was four years apart. Their likes was about the same, Allie pulled out two diet sodas. she opened them and situated them into the cup holders then started to get beef sticks and bag of chips from a bag on the floor up front in between her legs to share with her sister. Kat told her I got it covered sis but yours will come in handy at the lake.

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