Murder At Country Hills Reservoir (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

That evening they had a karoke contest. The winner of the contest didn't have to paint the next day while the loser had to paint the shutters for the restroom / laundry facility. The rest would paint the trim around the building. they all had fun. Allie won the contest hands down while the loser was Kat.

The guys even stated they thought Joe sang bad at least he could at least hold a tune for a short time. That made Allie feel like she was a part of the group. Kat had a lot of painting to do but she got a helping hand from Allie along with Rusty sitting close by being the supervisor like usual. Allie loved to paint and shutters was her specialty along with planting flowers

The group dressed in their bathing suits and life jackets then sat out to enjoy the rest of the day water sking. First it was Joe with his new lady friend Amy on the skis. They had so much fun that they hated to switch places with the others They knew they had to though.

The second couple was Colt and Crystal. Thirty minutes later it was Andrew and heather's turn on the skis. Then followed by Kat and Allie. With one leg shorter Allie kept falling off into the water. She finally gave up her spot leaving Kat to water ski alone, She was such a natural sometimes it made Allie a little jealous of her foster sister.

Kat was blonde hair blue eyes. She stood at five feet ten inches and weighed no more than one hundred and thirty pounds. Allie was brown hair with blue eyes. She stood five feet seven inches on her longest leg and five feet five and a half inches tall on her short leg.

The difference of one and a half inches caused her to fall quite a bit. She had trouble climbing stairs. She even had trouble trying to learn how to drive a car, She just gave up driving period. Allie dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans and a matching tee shirt. When she came out Rusty was by the front door growling at some one or something. she saw a squirrel in the tree and thought you silly a squirrel isn't going to hurt any one.

She started dinner while the rest of them was taking turns sking. She could hear their boom box down there. They were having fun. When they got back dinner was done. They ate beanie weenies, a salad, and store bought dinner rolls. For dessert they had homemade chocolate brownies that Allie made with her brownie and snack machine.

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