Murder At Country Hills Reservoir (Part 6, page 1 of 5)

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Part 6

Kat hated driving past the reservoir. It gave her the chills along with the hairs on the back of the neck would rise. One time she thought som one had followed her for awhile very slow as though they were watching to see if she was pulling into one of the camp sites. There was a longer way to the hospital but it took longer for her to get and from work. She thought for her mind's sake she would go the longer way around. She had to get up a little earlier than usual.

While driving the route she noticed a lot of those towns was getting bigger with more residential homes along with more factories moving in. She was amazed theey were no longer little ghost towns. One town had her favorite department store with a service station that catered to it's customers full service plus four charging stations for their customers who had electric cars.

When she got home she told Allie along with her mother all about it. Her mother knew she had a GPS tracking device put into all of their cars. She wasn't trying to interfere in her daughters lives. She was just trying to protect them while giving them room to breathe. Both of them were so severely affected by what had occurred they had stayed at home and hardly ventured out for almost a year afterwards.

She couldn't stand over them with a gun every minute of the day and night. She didn't use the tracking device unless one of them were late. That day she had a sense that something was wrong with Kat. She was so jumpy getting ready for work she had startled her and she ran into the bathroom door. She turned on her GPS and noticed she had taken the long way around so she wanted to know what route she was coming by

Kat admitted to her mother that driving by the reservoir was causing all of those bad dreams again. .Late one afternoon at the hospital this man came in pretending to pay a bill. He didn't have one in his possession plus he seemed very fidgety plus he just kept eyeing the office and herself.

When she couldn't find one in their data base he made the excuse he must have had been mistaken on the name of the hospital. When Kat's supervisor came in the man turned to leave and said something very strange that unraveled her nerves.

He said next time you won't be that lucky, That was enough for Kat just to up and quit her job. She knew Gus was in Paradise Cove. She called him asking him to meet him at his aunt's café .She really needed to talk about something. They sat at a table in the corner.

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