Murder At Country Hills Reservoir (Part 7, page 1 of 14)

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Part 7

Gus and Fred's mother moved back to Paradise Cove. Gus and Kat decided to move into her house. That evening after having dinner while Kat was cleaning up the kitchen Gus went down to the basement. He pinned up a map of the area. With a compass he drew a circle starting with the Country Hills Reservoir then every fifty miles around it. He listed on another blackboard all of the towns starting the closest to the reservoir working outward. He then started searching records of calls that had been made by people to the police about suspicious sightings of people snooping around their homes.

He included the college where Allie first thought the perk might have followed her. The hospital where Kat worked at was definitely was close to the fifty mile radius. He found one report of a man who had taken a baseball bat and beaten a dog to death at a home in Paradise Cove. He didn't break into the house due to the fact the owner turned on all of the lights surrounding his house.

Ever since then the lights stay on every night. The owner stated to Gus that his wife was so scared that she had bought a gun and was taking lessons at the shooting range. He told him the night before their dog was beaten to death they had a visitor. There was a man who knocked on their door. His wife was going to answer the door when their dog wouldn't let her and started barking.

He chased the man off. The next night is when they let their other dog out all night. The only thing she could remember about the man he was humming Dixieland. They played their audio tape they had of the new door bell. Gus knew that was the monster he was after.

Gus contacted the police in the towns of Lander's field along with Harper's Landing. They had no reports of any suspicious people messing around. On another board he wrote down questions. The first one was Has he killed again. That was his main question if not what made quit his killing. He knew since his man hadn't been arrested for anything the first question continued to haunt him.

He wondered if maybe he had moved out of the area for awhile. With the recent attack on the dog Gus and Fred had family in all three little towns and keeping their family members safe was just one of their main priorities. He needed to inform them of Oliver's team result and warn them. He called the family plus Colt and Crystal for dinner at his aunt's café in Paradise Cove. It looked like just another family dinner. he asked who had okayed for the reservoir to be reopened. Crystal replied The Governor himself.

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