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Part 1

Katrina Houston's childhood was normal. So normal it was down right boring. Her father was an insurance agent. He insured everything from motor cycles to big huge Mansions. They lived in a three story Victorian light blue house with a darker but pretty blue shutters. The porch stretched around the entire house

There was not one door that did not open onto the porch. In back there was a covered deck then a uncovered lower deck that led out to their swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and a track. Her mother taught lessons from swimming to tennis. She was a gold medalist in track and field to swimming.

The basement was their work out area including a handball room where her father with his colleagues would get their workout after working the week. Sometimes as hard as they hit the ball and it would bounce back you would have thought some one was out kill somebody else but that really wasn't the case.

The top floor was strictly Katrina's It was divide. From the outside it looked as though it was one big huge floor but it wasn't A portion had stairs leading to what had been an attic but now renovated into a loft. That where she did her writing and entertained her friends with sleepovers.

During their sleepovers the girls would stay up late doing make overs which was Alexis thing to do They would have popcorn and a soda while watching movies or playing games. they weren't allow to watch anything too scary. Once they did then ran downstairs knowing they had seen eyes looking at them through the window.

Kat's father looked out of the window. Kat's cat was up in a tree on a limb. Kat's father opened the window and stepped back away from it giving the cat room to jump into the room. He just laughed and told them no more scary movies for you all. If this had been a night before he had to work he would have really been mad at those girls. Every time she came home he would bring it up then just laughed.

Katrina graduated from high school. She was an A student but didn't want anything to do with any sporting team or event. She could have been on both the school's swimming or track team of her choice but her true love was writing. She dreamed of being a real known writer. She dabbled in any and every subject known to her.

When she was a young teenager she wrote a lot of stories that dealt with children. The older she got mysteries were her specialty. In her second year of college she dabbled in monster stories among romances.

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