Murder At Country Hills Reservoir (Part 4, page 1 of 8)

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Part 4

Colt's uncle was upset with Alan and his group for just up and leaving without doing any work. He asked Colt if his group would paint Camp ground D's restroom /laundry building the he would plant the flowers at the camp ground. Colt talked it over with the ladies. They all was game.

Jamie was the group's tallest person who didn't need a long ladder. He played basketball for their college's basketball team. He stood six foot ten inches. His lady friend Brandy stood five foot nine but next to him you would have thought she was shorter. Allie when next to him looked like a midget.

The next day Kat had a lot of laundry to do due to the fact each laundry room had only one washer and set. All of their sheets, blankets then their personal clothing also while the rest of them was finishing planting the flowers around the building, along with planting them in the rest of the flower beds. She thought I'll do the linens first and hang them out to dry around the covered picnic area

She did a load of blankets first. While they were drying she washed the sheets. She hung them with clothes pins to the clothes lines they attached all the around the picnic area. She then started to wash the personals and realized she was running short on time. She decided if she did the ladies in this laundry room she could run a load for the guys down to Camp ground D

Then later they could grill out or fix something simple for dinner. She grabbed the basket of laundry and decided to walk the mile and a half to two miles to Camp ground D She put the young men's clothes in the washer then opened the dryer door to clean out the dryer when she found a load of clothes the previous group left.

She folded them then decided I'll just leave them on their table for them to find them when they come bac' She almost tripped on what she thought was a tree limb. She looked down to see what looked like some animal had been digging up an arm of what looked like a woman. It scared Kat so much she ran with out stopping all the way to their camp ground.

She informed the group of what she discovered the young men went to check it out. The young women waited for quite sometime for their young . They decided to go ahead and eat sandwiches. They discussed that it probably was a bear that had killed the woman and had buried her then came back to get her .

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