Murder At Country Hills Reservoir (Part 5, page 1 of 7)

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Part 5

It had been almost three years to the day that terrible ordeal at the Country Hills Reservoir had happened. Most of the town's residents had gone ahead with their lives but every one knows some things a person that has had such a traumatic ordeal such as those murders. Kat had kept up with most of the crowd. Allie had finished school.

Allie tried to get on with her life. She enrolled at the community college. Rusty let himself be known if anyone was the least bit mad with Allie. He was very protective of her. After the college director refused to let Rusty attend classes with Allie any more due to the fact that he thought one particular professor was going to hurt her. The professor had been yelling at the entire class but he stepped too close to Allie which Rusty took as a threat.

Allie thought she was going to forget about attending the community college or any college. She knew how hard it was for her along with Rusty's life to get back to normal. She wondered how Fred was coping. The doctors had told Fred's family the nursing home and rehab center would be Fred's permanent home. Allie and the group would go to visit him as much as they could.

She met a doctor there that informed her about these new shoes that she might try out. She was fitted with this type of boot that raised her bad leg to the same height of her good foot which meant she could walk without leaning to one side and without a limp. when she got use to wearing it.

They weren't as expensive as she thought. She couldn't run in it but it did the job she needed. She left Rusty at home while attending the community college. She excelled in her courses in no time. Going out in public without her side kick made her very fidgety. She was always looking over her shoulder. At least Rusty would protect her.

She had enrolled in a course taught by a lady counsellor on adapting after being a victim of a trauma. She knew she wasn't the only one there. Every one that was there that night was in their group with the exception of four. Fred was living in the rehab center and Gus was busy these days. There was one person of the group that didn't seem affected in any way.

Amy had moved on with her life. First breaking up with Joe. She then had moved to a different country excelling in her courses and becoming a professional Roller Skater. She had been accepted onto a team and had just participated in the Western European Roller Skating Derby. There had been a year gap which she had taken courses on line there but no sport activities according to Joe.

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