Moonlight Love (Series 1) (Part 3, page 1 of 12)

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Part 3

Chapter 1: Scott’s Finds An Anchor


Now Scott was still in the locker room feeling depressed when all of a sudden peter tapped him and said, hey, what the matter, you look really depressed, Scott stared at peter for a while then he sighed and said, isn’t it obvious, tonight is the full moon I haven’t’ learn how to control this werewolf stuff yet and there is still a dire wolf at large and I don’t know what he is planning yet, I am just so confused, I don’t know if I can protect the ones I care about from myself yet, Peter stared at Scott for a while then he placed his hands on Scott’s shoulder and said, Scott you want to know why I so much like you, Scott stared at him, then peter said to him, Scott I like you because you put those you care about first, Scott stared at peter and was touched by his words, peter stared at him and said, Scott I don’t know what is going to happen out there on the field, I don’t know if you’re going to control yourself but one thing I do know is this, I got your back buddy, Peter patted Scott on the shoulder and gave him a hug, Scott also hugged him back, then peter said to him, alright enough with the drama Scott you need to get dressed, cuz our team needs a captain, Scott smiled, then he went into the bathroom and changed after a while he was done, he wore his lacrosse uniform and heads for the hall, Scott was nervous to open the door, then all of a sudden he gained courage and opened the door, now when Scott opened the door to the hall all eyes was on him, Scott stared at each of his team as they stared back at Scott then he said to them, alright guys, now tonight is going to be a tough one, tonight we face the giants and I don’t know what is going to happen on that field, but I want you guys to know right now that when we go out on that field we’ve got to put in everything we’ve got, we need to make our school proud we’ve got to bring that gold home, they all stared at Scott and was fired up, they began to scream then coach stared at Scott from a distance and gave him a dumbs up, Scott smiled.

It was time to play the game Scott’s team were ready so also the giant, Scott stared at his team, then he said to them, I need 10 of our best players on the field right now, Scott began to select the players, he selected 10 players and kept 6 players on the bench for a substitute whenever any one of them gets out of the field, Scott on the other hand didn’t include himself among the ten he also benched himself as one of the substitute. The giants on the other hand were also ready, 10 were on the field while 5 were benched, Scott stared at the giant from a distance and they were freaking big, 2 times the size of Scott, and really muscular, Scott feared for his team, but he still kept hope high. it wasn’t long the game was started, one of Scott’s team was with the ball and was about to score when all of a sudden he was blocked by a big scary huge guy, he pushed Scott’s team to the ground and collected the ball from him and immediately scored a goal, Scott on the other hand noticed that one of his team was down, he had a broken leg, Scott immediately went to meet him and said, Lahey, are you alright, he stared at him and said, I will be fine, just make sure we bring the cup home and also there is something not right with this team, scott stared at him and said, yeah, I know, Lahey stared at Scott for a while and was taken away by coach.

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