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Part 1


The story revolves round two teenagers, Scott and Tracy, now these two teenagers were so much in love with one another until something strange happened to Scott, when this happened it kept Scott away from Tracy; he had to hide himself from Tracy to protect her. Tracy on the other hand became confused, she felt Scott no longer has feelings for her, Scott no longer loves her, like he abandoned her, Tracy began to enter into her bad side, and she began to change into a very dangerous monster.

Now the question to ask is this, what actually happened to Scott, and what kind of monster did Tracy become, and what going to happen if it get to a point where Tracy has to kill the love of her life or Scott has to kill Tracy.

This story contains betrayal, denial, sex, power and love.

Chapter 1: The Bite


(Scott and Tracy making love to themselves in a car)

Scott stares at Tracy for a while, then they both began to kiss inside the car, Tracy said to Scott, I love you as she began to take off her clothes; Scott began kissing her neck as she moans.

Tracy on the other hand began to smile as she placed her hand on Scott dick and was about to bring it out when they heard a wild thud. Tracy paused for a while, she immediately stood up from Scott’s body and said to Scott. Scott, what was that, Scott stared at her and said, I don’t know, Tracy became terrified, Scott stared at her and said, Tracy you need to stay with me okay, I’m going outside to have a look, I need you to remain in the car no matter what okay. When Tracy heard this she said to Scott, Scott you can’t go outside, Scott stared at her, then he opened the car door and came outside, he paused for a while and stared at Tracy, Tracy stared back at him and said, Scott promise me you will come back, Scott stared at her shake his head, Scott began to move gently in to the woods, the whole place was completely dark, Scott couldn’t see clearly even though he was with a torch, he moved slowly into the woods then all of a sudden Scott began to smell blood, he tried brighten up his torch so he could see more clearly and to his surprise he saw two dead bodies on the floor, he became terrified and fell to the floor as he fell to the floor he placed his hands on something, he immediately shined his torch to see what it was and to his greatest surprise he saw a female girl ripped in half, blood everywhere, when Scott saw this he became terrified, he began to move backward, then all of a sudden his torch began to flicker, it flickered until it went off, Scott at that point couldn’t see a thing, he turned backwards and to his surprise he saw a shining red eyes, when Scott saw this, he was really terrified, his torch immediately fell from his hands, his body began to shake as he took to his heel, the monster with red eyes began to chase him, Scott ran as fast as he could, but the monster was ten times faster than him, Scott ran until he tripped off and fell to the ground, he hits his head really hard on a rock, everything he saw at that point was completely blur then he saw the monster coming slowly towards him, like it was ready to devour Scott, Scott stared at it in fear and tried getting up on his feet but he was too weak then the monster came close to Scott and it was a wolf, a very big bad wolf, the wolf began to snarl, it moved close to Scott and bit him really hard on his waist, Scott screamed and tried his best to get his waist out of the wolf’s mouth, Scott tried running away from the wolf but he couldn’t because he wasn’t seeing clearly everything he saw was blur, he began to stagger until he fell on his feet, then Scott stared back at the wolf and noticed that the big bad wolf was starting to change, Scott tried to see clearly but he couldn’t until his eyes were completely closed.

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