Love Or Lust (Part 8, page 1 of 6)

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Part 8

Wow I'm such an idiot.


I've to go inside then no matter how embarrassed I'm.

I wanted to be as silent as possible.

I slowly opened the door.

It opened with a creak sound.

I saw the four of them inside.

The four flower boys!

Only then I saw that black haired boy with them.

Wait a sec...

He's one of them?

How could I forget! I've seen him with them a lot then how could I?

Just how?



Now I want to die. As if I wasn't already embarrassed like hell.

God kill me.

Why doesn't the earth open up and engulf me.



I am not overreacting.

No, I'm not.



Maybe a little.

I silently made my way to a deserted chair.

Once that black haired boy whose name is supposed to be Zayn looked at me and smirked.

Don't do it.



I'm already dying.

Have mercy!

I fell my butt over the chair and sank my head in to the table.

The teacher was sleeping with his hands behind his head and legs scattered over the table while we could hear him snoring.

There was no other girl there. Just the flower boys and me.

Wow! I'm such a disgrace to my gender.

"So what did you got?", said a husky deep cold voice.

Why did I shiver.

I know its the one.

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