Love Or Lust (Part 3, page 2 of 8)

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Part 3

Then all of sudden,the vulnerability behind his eyes was gone. It was masked with a cold look.And I had to admit that the way it did, it was scary.

He pushed me aside impudently. I stumbled backward but somehow I managed not to fall and didn't make a fool of myself.

That is way too rude!

But before I could protest at the insolency, he was gone far too away. A group of boys also followed him and I had to admit that they weren't bad looking either. They all looked arrogant and rude and to some extent intimidating.

They must be the flower boys of this school.

Whatever. I shrugged.

In the meanwhile, Jade appeared whining like a child.

"Where have you been? I was running alone all along and thought you were following me. I looked like an idiot!"

"You don't have to do that to look like an idiot",I told her truthfully.

"Why say this? Afraid that you can't beat me while running"she said conceited.

"Its not like that. I only hit someone on the way"

"As if I would believe it",she said with a smug look.

"Don't believe me. I won't either make you to. You know why Jade?"

"Why?",she said incautiously.

Perfect! I repressed a laugh.

"Because the one who fights with an idiot is also an idiot"

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