Love Or Lust (Part 1, page 2 of 4)

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Part 1

"Then what is it?"he asked coldly.

She didn't anticipate him such cool after rejection. It wasn't like him in any mean of interpretation, and it maddened her.

She should've known that a cold Harry is more threatening than a furious one.

She was reluctant at first.A single wrong word could put her life to risk. However the logical side of her mind failed to put a stop over the outflow of emotions.

"This is lust! You just lust me!"she said recklessly,still her innocent self unaware of the dreadfulness of circumstances.

She saw a fist flowing in her direction. It hit the wall inches away from her head. There was a crushing sound that shuddered her heart.

Instantly her furious self was dismissed and she was drenched in the new hotness of fear. Compared to his gesture,his face looked cool and she just couldn't comprehend it.

The shooting pain radiating through his fist played in the background while his breath came faster and faster. Nothing could stop it from happening now and he knew that he was going to remorse but it didn't matter at his fury.

An arm around her waist pulled her up to his chest.Her feet couldn't feel the ground anymore.

She gasped.It was fast more than her perception told her. She wiggled, the only thing she could do. Her arms were trapped between them and with her feet not touching the ground,her activity totally ceased.

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