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Part 1

She is innocent,angelic,pure,an ordinary high school girl. She treasures the peace of her life and wants to spend a quiet life. Kind hearted and adventurous person.

He is dangerous,cold-hearted , unsympathetic, the rightful heir to Empire group, world's biggest share holding company . He is temporary deprived of his rightful place and takes shelter in guise of a high schooler,Harry Styles. Holding a dark past and living for his vengeance.

What happens when their path clash and he finds himself slowly falling for her?

Watch as she meets the four intimidating boys, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Jason Lewis,while struggling her way through school, messing her up and turning her world upside down.

The story proceeds slowly with a lot of comedy and school stuff but later it turns dark and darker so

WARNING: May contain mature content. Enter at your own risk.


"Because I love you",he simply answered.

"NO!".She screamed"Love is gentle.Love is giving. Love is not taking.You don't love me"she cried

His face reflected hurt. He closed his eyes momentarily and when reopened,his anguish replaced with fury.

He placed his hands on the wall at her sides,blocking her escape. Being short-tempered he feared it and it took his best to restrain doing something to her he would later regret.

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