Love Or Lust (Part 4, page 2 of 6)

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Part 4

And now she was right in front of his eyes...

And he omitted her true identity.

He wanted to hug her and cry out all his pain. This is what he longed for. He wanted to keep her in his arms,safe and protected. He wanted to tell her that she is safe and he would never let anyone hurt her.

But little did he knew that she is not the person.

His hands were cold as the moisture of anxiety and distress covered them. He raised his hand to touch her face. To feel the silk of her velvety skin. To clasp the warmth of love for what his heart ached for.

His breathing came uneven when the realization of his frailty hit him. He endeavored to think rationally and be reasonable but was unable to completely eliminate his timidity.

"No,she is dead.She is dead",he mumbled to himself when he was unable to put a stop over the outflow of emotions.He expected himself to be stronger than this but to his dismay,he couldn't even stand the sight of that girl.

He was too vulnerable and was at the verge to break down. Just then he pushed her aside roughly and strode along the way to a deserted place away from her,without looking back for others.

"What happened to him",asked Jason.

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