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Part 4

Her eyes.

They were the same.

But how could this be?,he wanted to ask himself but couldn't.

Same blue eyes encircling with dark green. It was impossible for him to comprehend,two persons with exactly same eyes.

He was lost. Those eyes took him to his past. Her smiles,her laughter echoing in his mind. Her innocent look. Her childhood. Her miserable end.

He forgot to breath, His heart forgot to beat. There was dark everywhere. He couldn't see anything. He couldn't see anything other than her eyes.

His lips slightly parted as his thoughts drew him back to the painful memories of past. Her cries,her sobs,her giggled reverberated across his mind.

That girl. There was some connection.

He was so lost that he didn't even felt her pushing him away.

He had turned off all his feelings, He lived for revenge.Only and only revenge. But those eyes brought him back those hurtful feelings. He was in anguish,feeling the desolation to his heart. It was a torture endured by him every single day and night.

He might look strong but he was empty inside. There was none left of him. He was hollow inside and the dark clouds of despair kept surrounding his heart.

He filled that emptiness with his desires to seek the revenge. Because there was nothing left for him. He was abandoned. Everyone he loved,left him in the end. He was left to cry alone. Now his heart was emptied of last drop of compassion. The life was dried out. Now his heart contained nothing but anger,hate and guilt.

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