Love Or Lust (Part 2, page 4 of 6)

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Part 2


She whispered in my ear"Hot boys!"

I laughed.

"You already got a boyfriend",I reminded her.

"I can at least look at them and pleasure my eyes"

"Ugh... you are so dirty minded",I said as I got out of car and looked at our new school as if challenging me to get into it,the huge gate posing as a giant mouth to the monster, ready to engulf me and digest every part of me and throw me out like wasted excrement.

I gulped.

"What are you thinking? You look so pale",asked Jade as she sided me.

"Why all of the sudden the High School looks so scary?",I whispered,not wanting anyone else to listen to my nonsense.

"Yahooo...".She threw her first in air."Finally you got the feeling I have been taking about"

"Its definitely not the kind of feeling".I told her scared.

She dragged me with her into the mouth of monster.

Shoulders up,heart beating faster and faster,eyes determined,steady steps,we were just about to enter the school.

And so we entered...

Nothing extraordinary happened.

"That was easy than I expected",Jade commented.

"Hey let us make a wish together for this year."Jade suggested.

"Good idea. My wish is that I pass a peaceful and quiet life here",I said.

'And my wish is something exciting happens in your life this year and you lose your virginity",Jade said and winked at me.

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