Love Or Lust (Part 2, page 3 of 6)

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Part 2

"Fine. I am sorry",said she.

"But aren't you nervous?",asked Jade.

"Jade its the 4th time you asking me this or is it 5th? I already lost the count. Whatever, if you ask one more time then I am going to jump out of your car"

"Okay let me rephrase. why aren't you nervous',asked Jade.

"I don't see any reason to be",I replied.

"God girl you give me those terrible shocks! Its the first day to our High School.For God sake you have to be nervous like an ordinary girl"

"Does that me that I am extraordinary?",I chirped and grinned.

"No that means you are underordinary",she replied.

My grin dropped and I pouted.

"Does a word like this even exist?",I asked

"It do from now on",she replied.

"Awww come on. Why there's to be a need to be nervous? We are grown up now. We are not the same little kids. We've matured now",I said as a matter of fact.

Jade looked at me weirdly.

"What?".I raised an eyebrow.

"You sounded like my mother"

I chuckled."Then your Mom is wiser than I expected"

"Haven't you ever thought about it? The High School is going to be a lot more fun. There are going to be a lot of wild parties, drinking, high school drama, freedom and..."'she stopped.

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