Love Or Lust (Part 7, page 2 of 5)

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Part 7

I was so lost in his beautiful looks that I didn't realize that he was opening his eyes.


I got off him.

Err I forgot! I have to go to the class.

"What are you...", before he could continue, I ran for class.

The door bursted opened.

"I'm in!!!", I exclamied with a little enthusiasm.

Ok not little but a lot of enthusiasm.

Eveyone including Math teacher stared at me startled.

"Wrong entery", I murmured and closed the door silently.

Then I knocked at the door gently and opened it slightly.

"Can I come in, Sir", I asked mannerly giving him a sweet smile.

"DETENTION!!", he shouted so loud that I almost jumped.


The door closed over my face and I could hear the student's laughters inside.

Its rare that Mr Sandars give detention. I must have really pissed him off.

I sighed.

Such a waste.

I turned and began for my next stop. Detention room.

But I hit something, more precisely someone.

The Jason guy.

He was looking at me with a raised eyebrow as if waiting for something


"You owe me something", he finally said to my confused self.

I frowned.


"You owe me something"

"I didn't say what as in what but what as in what do I owe you?"

He just pointed at the sore spot of his forehead.

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