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Part 7

It started like another ordinary day. We were going to school with Jade driving the car until...

"Hey Jade this isn't the way to school. Why are we going this way?"

"Don't you know? A new icecream parlour just opened. I wanna be the first to try out its icecream"

"Oooooookay but make sure that we're not late. Our first period is Math and my math teacher can be a real ass when it comes to punctuality"

"Don't you worry. You got me"

I should've known.

I should've been careful.

I should've remembered whenever she says it, we are in a great shit.

But I didn't.

So 30 minutes latter.

I was running through the long, silent hallways of my school.

There came a turn.

Swiftly crossed.

In front of me came a student picking up his book.

Jumped over.

Two workers taking a sheet of glass.

Slipped below acoss.

And right in front of me was the destiny.

Until a boy pulled out of nowhere.


But it was too late to even stop myself.



My eyes opened. I was lying on the top of a greek god.

His eyes closed and he was frowning. He sure hit his head hard.

Wait a sec...

Isn't it one of the flower boys?

Sure it is.

Its the Jason.

How do I know?

They were the famous gossip topics. Everyone knows their names. Even if I didn't wanted to, their names got to my ears.

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