Love Or Lust (Part 5, page 2 of 6)

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Part 5

I looked at her again. She was chuckling.

I gave her Seriously-?-is-it-it look to which she chucked some more.

Then I looked back at Principal who asked:"What is your name?"

"Shizra Stafford mam",I replied

"And what is your name",asked mam to Jade who was too busy chuckling.

When it was being too late I replied:"Its Jade Madison mam"

She looked at me"Let her answer this.She is definitely not a mute"

Jade still too busy chuckling. What has happened to this reckless girl!

I was reluctant first then said"She is indeed mute",I tried to sound more genuine.

I gritted my teeth at Jade who was still chuckling. Just let me get out of here with you...

"But it is not mentioned in her file",said Principal who had vowed to make it hard for me.

"Its a temporary condition in which she switches in and off. Not serious though",I replied

"Are you sure she is mentally stable",asked Principal eyeing her suspiciously when her chuckling won't stop.

"I'm sure she is"not. I said. It took all my strength not to utter that unspoken word.

Principal mumbled a low'I'm sorry to hear this'and handed us our schedule. I quickly grabbed both schedules and dragged her out.

Just when we were out I started:"Jade are you stu..."

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