Love Or Lust (Part 5, page 1 of 6)

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Part 5


Jade brought me out of my thoughts.

"Its our turn. Come on",she said and practically dragged me into office.

Before I could complain, we're already in front of our principal. A strict,bulky,tall woman looked at us adjusting her glasses.

Then she started checking some files. It was worse than waiting outside because I couldn't even yawn as alarmed by her discipline-carving look.

I looked at Jade through the corner of my eye to know that how is she dealing with this boredom but to my surprise she was grinning like an idiot, that is exactly what she is.

I wonder what is she thinking.

Next I hear her snicker and I gave her do-you-want-to-die look to which she mumbled a 'sorry'

I was more than curious to know what was it.

I heard a snicker.This time Principal heard it too and she gave her a warning look. Her grin dropped almost immediately.

Then I heard a chuckle.

Someone needs to put a stop over it.

I gave her a what-is-it-? look to which she just pointed at Principal without raising her hand.

I looked at her to find anything extraordinary but I didn't. Upon narrowing my eyes,I saw her lipstick slightly displaced and touching her teeth.

Seriously? Could this be it?

No,I'm sure it isn't. Jade is not that stupid. I know she is stupid but she is not just that stupid.

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