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Part 2

"Mr Singhania you are late ?"

Before he could correct her someone called her . "Niharika there is a new parent waiting to meet you"

"Coming Mrs Menon"

Niharika sighed ,such a handsome man and he is also taken . All good looking men were married these days .

Nikhil had seated Sneha in the car when Niharika caught him from behind .

"Who are you ? Why didn't you tell me that you are not mr sagar singhania? How dare you take a child from our school without confirming your identity ?"

Nikhil was feeling angry " Miss firstly I never said I was Sagar . It was you who presumed that.Secondly the way you ate behaving is as if I am a bloody kidnapper trying to kidnap Sneha. It is your fault you should first check before handing any child. I should sue your school for being so careless."

Niharika realised that he was right so she apologised. "I am sorry for being so judgemental. I apologise but now could you introduce yourself?"

"I am Nikhil GArg a close friend of the Singhania,s. Jiya called me to pick her daughter since she couldn't teach here on time so I offered to help her "

"If you don't mind can I reconfirm with her mother?"

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