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Part 2

Nikhil Garg was sitting in his office when his best friend Jiya called.

"Nikhil can you pick Sneha from her play school?"

"Which play school? When did she join school?"

"She just joined Shemrock a week back . I am at the doctor for a regular check up but will be late . Sagar is out of town and Myra is. also not available"

"Ok just text me the address and I will be there in ten minutes "

The play school was nearby so it took him only ten minutes to reach it .

It was a nice multicoloured building with a park in the front.

He went straight to her classroom where he found Sneha sitting with a very beautiful lady,

The lady was quite tall ,very fair with short hair. She had an oval face with beautiful black eyes. She was wearing jeans with a long shirt and minimal makeup

Niharika was sitting with Sneha when she saw a tall handsome man approaching them. He was very handsome ,more than 6 feet tall, blue eyes

with a lean body and dark brown hair.He was wearing a blue business suit which enhanced his personality.

As he was walking towards them she was unable to take her eyes off him.

"Sneha beta I have come to pick you up . Come on hurry your moms waiting."

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