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Part 5

They met again after a few days when Nikhil went to pick up Sneha from her playschool and found Niharika sitting with her

Hi Nikhil how are you?

I am fine. I hope today I will not be accused of kidnapping Sneha.

No no of course not. Have you not forgiven me yet?

well I didn't get my cofee ? Did I ?

Why don,t you come to the cafe near the school in the evening and we could have that coffee?

Nikhil waited for two minutes before confirming her.

Ok six would be a good time.

She liked Nikhil so she dressed up even for the coffee. She was wearing jeans with a crop top which revealed her fair skin and flat stomach. Infact she was wearing a ring at her naval point which was clearly visible under her top.

Nikhil was dressed in a formal suit again looking dashing in it. It was a superb fit as if exquisitely tailored for him.

He reached the cafe on time to find Niharika waiting for him. He was pleasantly surprised.

It,s nice to know a wonan who comes on time.

What if I tellyou that I have been here since 1600 hrs..?

Why may I know?

Because I like you as a person?

Aren,t you very straight forward?

I am like thus only. I don't believe in running around bushes. I like yo come straight to the point.

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