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Part 10

Nikhil knew he had behaved badly with Niharika but somehow he had been carried away and being negative had seemed the best option.

He didn't want her to harbour any feelings for her when he himself was still in love with Jiya.

However he decided to apologise to her.He called her up,"Hi Niharika I was wondering if we could convert our coffee date to lunch ?"

" Nikhil I am very busy this week so maybe next week?""

" If you are busy we could simply have coffee"

" I will call you if I am free", saying this she hung up the phone.

Nikhil knew she was avoiding him so he decided to visit Snehas play school. For two consecutive days he went to pick her up but Niharika was not even in the school.

He decided to go to her place . In the evening after office he went to her house to find it closed.

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