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Part 7

Niharika was looking for an opportunity to meet nikhil again and she got it when she went to Jiya's house for dinner.

She was surprised to find Nikhil also there having evening drinks with Sagar.

"Jiya you should have informed me that Nilhil would be there?"

"Why Niharika ?"

"Would you have dressed in a short seductive dress if I would have informed you?"

"No its not that but I had considered this to be a quiet dinner with my new friends."

"It is but sagar invited Nikhil along and didn't inform me. Also Nikhil is a very dear friend and he often comes to our place for dinner."

"Hi Sagar . Hi Nikhil"

Nikhil smiled at her."I didn't know that you were also invited?"

"Same here"

"What will you have Niharika?" Sagar asked her.

" A beer would be fine"

"So you drink?", Nikhil asked her.

"Why do you think that only men can drink?",

"No since Jiya doesn't and you are her friend I thought you would have the same tastes?"

"By the way you are looking nice Niharika"

"You are looking not to bad yourself"

Nikhil laughed," It seems odd being called nice"

"Well what should I say ? that you are looking very handsome?"

"I wouldn't mind that ,'replied Nikhil.

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