LOVE AGAIN (Part 8, page 3 of 4)

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Part 8

"They should have informed me'

"Nikhil don't you like my company?"

Nikhil looked at Niharika. She was beautiful. Her naval ring was very sensuos but he was not ready for any relationship even if it was casual.

"No I like you Niharika, otherwise I wouldn't be here'

She was passing him another glass of wine when it accidently fell on his jeans. She quickly bent on her knees and used a tissue to clean it. When Nikhil looked down he could see the outline of her small breasts from the top. Her skin was white and flawless. Her short hair emphasised her long white neck.

She could feel his stare on her so she looked up. What she saw shocked her. There was desire in his eyes.

Suddenly the atmosphere was full of sexual tension.Nikhil saw her looking up at him. The orange lipstick on her full lips was tempting him.He could think of nothing else but crushing them with his lips. So he bent down and kissed her. She tasted heavenly .

Nikhil's kiss had caught her by surprise.But he was a good kisser.The kiss was just perfect neither too soft nor too forceful.She opened her mouth to let his tongue enter her.

Now he deepened the kiss and pulled her up.She landed in his lap but they were still kissing. Their tongues were intertwined with each other. Her hands had entered his silky hair and his hands were circling her breasts inside her crop top.

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