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Part 8

Tonight Niharika was dressed in a long black skirt and a deep orange crop top which showed her slim waist and her naval ring. Nikhil looked at her and felt a tug of desire. Though Niharika was just the opposite of Jiya, bold, carefree and quite modern but somehow he wasslowly getting attracted to her. Maybe his long period of celibacy was responsible for these feelings.

Niharka hugged him,"Hi handsome.You are looking very dashing today. If I had not promised friendship I would be tempted to start dating you. "

Nikhil smiled at her,' you know you are looking quite tempting yourself. but my poor heart is not yet ready to move on"

Both of them had the snacks with a glass of wine in her living room.

Niharika house was beautiful. The walls were pure white with one wall light green in colour. the light green colour had a beautiful scene painted on it. There was a huge tree with various birds sitting on its branches. Some sparrows were also flying in the sky.

Since the wall was light green the furnishings were also green, with a green sofa, wooden table with a green cove and ,a long green standing lamp. All in all the room gave a pleasant feel.

"Where are Jiya and Sagar?"

"Jiya called to inform that they would be late for dinner."

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