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Part 8

Tonight was Saturday night so Niharika went grocery shopping for the dinner. She was planning on a complete Chinese menu right from the starters to the desert.

She was making spring rolls and wontons as starters with Talu mein soup. The main course comprised of chicken hakka noodles, steamed fish in oyster sauce, vegetables in almond sauce and steamed rice.

She enjoyed cooking and today she cooked with more enthusiasm because Nikhil was also coming.

She was putting final touches to the caesar salad when Jiya called, " Hi sweety. Just called to tell you that we will be late for dinner as Sagar's cousin s are coming for tea and we couldn't refuse them. But we will definitely reach by dinner time."

Niharika lived in a three bedroom flat in a high rise building. This flat had been gifted to her by her parents at her twentieth birthday when she had informed them that she was planning on buying her own place. The interiors however were done by her according to her tastes.

Nikhil arrived by 7 pm .He had brought her a bottle of red wine to be used during dinner.Tonight he was dressed casually in a blue CK jeans with a US polo T shirt looking very handsome. When Niharika saw him she thought that no man had a right to look handsome in whatever he wore.

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